Billy Dee Williams says "Step away from the Cotillion, ma'am"

Long time poster Shani-O blogs about a week of reading, the Washington Post's internets for blacks, The Root, and concludes:

The multitude of views share the same over-earnest musings of privileged black folks who are mainly interested in talking about how privileged they are.

So what do you think Ta-Nehisi? Well, I'm glad you asked. Having written for the Root and other WashiPo outlets, I think its cool that they're offering a place for black writers. So often, much of what we believe either doesn't get said, or it gets said in publications whose subscription base is over 60. From that perspective, it's a good thing.

Still, I do think it's hard to do a black publication in this day and age. Not because we don't need one, but because we're all sort of at this bridge point. Take a look at this blog. Obviously I spend a lot of time thinking about black people. But I also spend a lot of time thinking about the Dallas Cowboys, video games and The Prestige. I try to render the world through an African-American male lens--its the only one I have. But I also try to remember that the world is bigger than that.