You guys are gonna O.D. on Sarah Palin today. Oh well. I'm in hotel room outside Denver holding until it's time for my Red Eye back to New York. I need the company. Anyway here Peter Scolbic sonning John McCain. (I'm going to run that word into a hole, if only because the response to it was so hilarious):

McCain undoubtedly thinks he has his national security bases covered; picking Palin shows that, unlike Obama, he doesn't need an eminence grise like Biden to add heft to his ticket. But surely McCain recognizes that Palin may have to fill his shoes someday. By choosing her anyway, he has demonstrated hubris well beyond anything Obama has displayed on his most arrogant day: a belief that he can master unforeseen circumstances, physical and otherwise, that are well beyond his control. This is insulting and dangerous and suggests that McCain may want to think twice before accusing Obama of putting his personal ambition ahead of the national interest.

I heard Paul Begala make this point earlier. Dems should be leery of directly attacking Palin, if only because they don't have to. All they have to do is ask what this choice says about McCain. What does it mean that a dude puts someone a heartbeat away from the nuke button who he's only met once? Especially claiming Barack Obama wasn't ready. That is the real question.