And Here...We...Go!

11:06 This was a big, big, big magnanimous speech. Perfect antidote to PUMA-ism, in that it put it all in historical perspective. When you consider it all in the sweep of history, it makes holding out because you're angry, because you don't like the Iowa caucus system seem so small. I actually wanted to hear more. I was sorry she was done. Harriet Tubman was just murder.

11:05 Wow Harriet Tubman. Wow. That was great.

11:03 Props to Seneca Falls.

11:02 Oh man, she's ripping McCain. The "Equal pay for equal work" line was murder. I wasn't sure she would do that.

11:00 Alright, so even as an Obama supporter, I like her pressing him on health-care. Good line.

10:59 And props to the Big Bill. Got him to smile.

10:57 She's rolling now. That "Were you in it" riff basically nailed it--again.

10:49 She looks good too. Working the orange. Makeup and hair is tight. Sorry guys, I'm kind of a fashion-head too. Even if I dress like Larry David. One day when I'm a rich well compensated writer, I'll dress like Gay Talese.

10:47 Great line about not fighting for "35 years in the trenches" to put a Republican in the White House. That's basically it. And the "No McCain" line was great. Uhm, she's on.

10: 42 Meh, that 18 million cracks line was always a corny. You can't redeem a cliche.