A note on my colleagues

Obviously on many issues I disagree with a good number of my fellow bloggers here, and on occasion I even say so. I also realize that there are some readers who are frustrated that only two of the blogs at The Atlantic allow comments. I would quit blogging before I closed all comments. But that's me, and it's more reflective of my social and psychological needs than any sense of grand magnamity.

I understand the frustration with not being able to publically shout back at  the bloggers here not named McArdle or Coates. Still, I'd really appreciate if people didn't use this blog as a place to uncharitably air their differences with my colleagues. They aren't off-limits, per se, but I don't want to be a conduit for personal venom.  I'm not here to defend those cats--we obviously have deep fundamental differences. But I am here to defend this small room in the ongoing Atlantic House Party. You may think Ross/Andrew/Marc is the spawn of the devil himself--and you may be right. But that's why they each have a giant "E-mail Me" button on their page. Please make use of it.

UPDATE: Stupid of me to make a post like this and leave comments open. Fixt.