Seriously Jamie, tell us what you really think about the Netroots...

This post by Jamie Kirchick on the "Nutroots" seems a little silly. I don't quite get what he was trying to achieve with all the preening. I'm one of those people who think it's stupid to say Obama's "moved to the center," mostly because he was never really a leftie. He shares with the left a rejection of cynical triangulation and DLCism, but policy-wise, his fight with John Edwards--and to some extent with Hillary--wasn't a left/right clash.

That said, I'm all for people holding Obama to the standards of what he said--like not supporting FISA, or even accepting public financing. Save venting some anger, I'm not sure what Kirchick's beef is here. In the main, there is something weak about him not engaging Greenwald's specific charges. His post feels like one of those items that tells you more about the writer than the subject.

Hat-tip to Andrew.