Loury and McWhorter on the Obama/King comparison

Loury is peeved that "image-makers" are juxtaposing King's speech in 1963 with Obama's speech this year at the DNC. The dates, for all who don't know, are exactly 45 years apart. I kind of get Loury's beef--and then not so much. First off, Obama didn't set the date--it would have been the same if Kucinich had won. Second, Loury's critique--of media--posits a time when the MSM were a great asset to black folks, except mostly they've been a hindrance. If you look at the epoch of lynching, for instance, perhaps no institution, short of the government, has more blood on its hands than American newspapers. I mean really, King's own family sold off his image to Alactel, I really can't have a beef with him being associated with Obama. Ultimately I come down with McWhorter--it's stupid to act like this is some sort of equivalent to 1963. But that's because history hadn't played out yet. IN 1963, it would have been stupid to compare "I Have a Dream" to the Gettysburg address. We just don't know what's going to happen yet. Anyway watch the rest of the episode. It's pretty good.