John McLaughlin on Barack Obama--Black people think he's an Oreo

We now have John McLaughin, a font of ebonics if there ever was one, telling us that black people think that Barack Obama is an Oreo. It's true that black people, like any other group, have their bouts of essentialism. But it's always interesting to be accused of racial jingoism by the same folks who bought us "Freedom Fries" and would have the Dixie Chicks banned. But that's fine--attacking black people for putting on their pants one leg at a time has a long history. But you really should file Oreo, along with Whitey and Ofay, in the box marked "Things Black People No Longer Say, But White Pundits Wish They Did," Now, let's be clear--black folks can say some pretty mean things about each other. See below where Jamie Foxx destroys an innocent up-and-comer--"Maybe I should talk about how black people have to struggle. Yeah, that'll get em on my side"