Well at least they did some reporting, but really:

Obama's formula for energizing blacks while appealing to whites relies in part on demonstrating independence from the more militant traditions of black politics and using rhetoric that spans race. He has opposed monetary reparations for descendants of slaves, for example. And he has said that he does not think his daughters should benefit from affirmative action, because they have had a "pretty good deal," and he has expressed openness to programs that could help disadvantaged whites, Latinos and women.

Wow, I'm impressed risking the support of the crucial "Reparations Lobby." You know it was the "militant tradition" that elected Adrian Fenty, Corey Booker, Deval Patrick, David Dinkins, Doug Wilder, Carol Mosely-Braun, Anthony Williams, Kurt Schmoke etc. I mean seriously. When was reparations ever a voting issue for black people? Obama is going to clean up among black voters and do really well among other voters--not because of deft machinations, but because black people are--say it with me MSM--Amer-i-cans. You know all those people complaining about the housing market, pissed of about the war. and shaking their heads at the public school system? Some of them happen to be black. I'm just waiting for the story that touts up Cynthia McKinney's efforts to challenge Obama for black voters. It's coming.

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