...and gives a resounding "meh"

This is not a biography (i.e., a life story). It is a memoir (i.e., a story about a life). It is not a introduction to Black folks, it's an introduction to Ta-Nehisi Coates. An easy to read introduction that gives you enough explanation to understand where his other stuff is coming from. As such, the book is successful, but if a brother or sister asked me about that Coates dude, I'll probably point them to a couple of his articles instead of The Beautiful Struggle

I appreciate P6, whose been incredibly kind to my work over the years, taking the time to actually read my book and offer a reasoned opinion. It speaks well of his decency, in the comments section, that he actually urged someone to buy my book even though he didn't care for it too much. Personally, I think he would have loved the book had my publicity people gotten it to him when they should have. I blame them. Had it went down like it shoulda, he'd be calling me Baldwin 2.0. OK, so maybe Danielle Steel 2.0. Donald Goines?

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