He deserves this hit. What often goes unsaid in his repudation of being a Muslim is the idea that it's something wrong with being a Muslim. It's disturbing that Obama lets the underlying logic stand.

MORE:Apparently Ellison and Obama got into it about the head-scarf fiasco. But here is why I support Obama for president, despite the fact that his campaign was dead wrong:

The conversation got so heated that CBC Chairwoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Mich.) banged her gavel to try and quiet Ellison. Obama though asked Kilpatrick to let Ellison speak.

After Ellison finished, Obama told the caucus that he regretted the incident, but said that he had not ordered the women to be removed. Following the meeting, Obama called the women to apologize.

Classy. Very classy. That said, I am glad that Ellison called Obama to task. We have to hold him accountable.

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