Sorry I am late on this, but I present to you the eminently laughable Linda Hirshman:

The mostly white, middle-class feminist organizations could have established relationships of mutual convenience with groups such as the black feminists. An alliance like that might have been able to prevent the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court in 1991. White feminists opposed him, but he had enough support among black voters -- who are heavily female -- to induce four Southern Democratic senators who were heavily dependent on black votes for reelection to cast the crucial votes to confirm him.

Any see that rhetorical slight of hand? Hirshman points out that "white feminists" opposed Thomas, and contrasts that with something called "black voters--who are heavily female." But wait, those aren't equal categories. ALL voters are heavily female. Women are a majority of the electorate. Hirshman contrasts "white feminists" not with "black feminists" not even with "black voters" but with a hazy category called "black voters--who are heavily female." Oooooh!!!! The intellectual laziness is strong in this one! The reason she can't compare the reaction between black and white feminists is because Hirshman knows damn well that Barbara Smith and Toni Morrison undermine her point. Weak-ass strawmanship at its highest level.

I am sorry, I've been commenting on an astonishing amount of stupidity these past few days, and I need to stop. People who think that upper-middle class white women who opt to be homemakers, are the greatest plague on women of our time, are gonna be who they're gonna be. I would like to add one thing--whatever happened to "Hillary lost?" I don't understand why Hillary losing should reflect this moment of deep crisis for the women's movement. IF anything, as some have said, she wasn't feminist enough. She gambled that a woman wouldn't be able to credibly oppose the Iraq War, and further gambled that a woman couldn't apologize for one of the worst foreign policy decision in history, and she paid for it. On a more mundane note, what article of feminist thought gives someone the right to not organize for caucuses, to run a fractious high drama campaign, to have a husband completely unhinged campaigning for you, and still win? I mean, damn, Billie Jean King still had to BEAT Bobby Riggs, no?

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