Having born witness to Obama's bold rejection of the all-powerful "Black Reparations Lobby," I am taking suggestions for how Obama can better prove to white people that he has no love for the darkies, without losing the vote of said darkies. I am thinking Obama should....

1.) ...address the NAACP convention. Denounce said convention and reveal their integrationist agenda for what it truly is--a plot to ensure easy access to white women,

2.)...visit 125th street. Repudiate Harlem as evidence of the ancient evil of  reverse discrimination.

3.)...get Sista Souljah another record contract. Denounce her again.

4.)...praise the Boston Celtics. These days, that's a win-win.

It's a delicate dance guys. We need your suggestions. Only with your help can Obama prove to whites that his election isn't the triumph of some Marxist-Muslim-Miscegenist-Afrocentric-Red, Black and Green-waving,  Frantz Fanon quoting cabal, while still getting the votes of those who are members of the Marxist-Muslim-Miscegenist-Afrocentric-Red, Black and Green-waving-Frantz Fanon-quoting cabal

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