Different than mine. But perhaps more perceptive. I keep vacillating on this one. I am sooooo down with the whole "Fatherhood At All Costs" deal. In fact, on an individual level, I think poverty is simply not an excuse for potentially screwing up a kids life. But that's not a "public policy" point of view--the sort of perspective that looks at the behavior of a mass group of people. It's like something I'd want to hear in a church (yes, I know) or something my own Pops dropped on me. It's tough to know whether Barack is sincere or running a very subtle Sista Souljah move. I suspect it's both. He understands that the images of black folks are so distorted that he can say some pretty rudimentary shit (Be a father to your child) that sits firmly within the mainstream of black thinking (hell human thinking), and be lauded for his courage because there's this idea that black people, you know, spend their days cursing the white man for everything from bad credit to getting caught in the rain. It's actually quite smart, politically, at least.

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