Paging Joan Walsh. Here is your "wail worth hearing.." This is nuts, and the fact that there are white Democrats defending this woman, or even acting like she has something to contribute to the conversation is disgusting. Check over at Larry Johnson's site and see how many people are defending this fool. Listen to her claim to be "the furthest thing from a racist" shortly after stating that "99 percent of the blacks don't know why they're voting. While your at it check out Will Bower claiming that Harriet meant nothing by her "inadequate black male" remark. I would love to the black Obama supporter who could go on TV and claim that Hillary was "an inadequate white woman" and 99 percent of white women who voted for her didn't know what they were doing. I don't want to hear anymore foolishness about how sexism is more acceptable than racism. The only people who believe that are idiots, who don't know what racism is to begin with, because they've never had to wrestle with it. This shit is just "White rights" dressed up as feminism. Get these mofos out the effing party. Send them to McCain. It's where they belong anyway.

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