Why Left Wing Propoganda Is No Better Than Right Wing Propoganda

Here's Max Blumenthal's latest, a piece of agitprop that's designed to show angry black folks are over Sean Bell. I, despite my flagrant blackness, have had mixed feelings over this, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I also am a fan of that Obama guy. Still I think this video largely shows why cats like me are only slightly more comfortable with white liberals than with white conservatives, and why even that bit of consideration may be foolish.

I have some clue that Blumenthal probably likes black folks a little more than Sean Hannity, but I don't really care about that. What concerns me is that Blumenthal shares Hannity's objectification of black people, and sees us not as actually complex humanoids, but as means to an end. It matters little that Hannity's end is to absolve white people of any responsibility, and Blumenthal's end is to show--ostensibly--that the justice system is flawed. The roots of racism always lie in an inability to understand tha the cat on the other side eats/sleeps/drinks just like you. Both white lefties and white righties have yet to come to terms with that.

Blumenthal is case and point, and he tips his hand when he calls Barack Obama to account for the Bell verdict, apparently because Obama is--like Bell--black. But Blumenthal only passingly mentions Hillary Clinton whose job it is to, oh I don't know, actually represent New Yorkers. But Obama, from Blumenthal's perspective, is supposed to side with the black protectors since black people aren't members of the human race, but really are brainless automatons who must always walk together in lockstep unity--preferably to the beat of a Snoop Dogg number.

I make no charges about Blumenthal's ancestry, nor about the sainthood of Obama. Of course Obama was being politically expedient with the Bell trial--that's what he better do if he wants to win. But what's Hillary's excuse? Oh right, I forgot. She's white and entitled to think/say/do whatever she wants. Blumenthal claims Obama is walking a fence between black and white voters, despite the fact that he's pulling in 90 percent of our side, but never mentions that Clinton has been rendered George Wallace by the Democratic Party's most loyal constituency.  Most comically, Blumenthal attacks the Times for their coverage of the Bell case, presumably because they went out  and actually interviewed a diverse set of black folks and found--surprise, surprise--the niggers actually have differing opinions!

Anyway, here's your dosage of white liberal patronage for the day. Enjoy. I need a bath.