Speaking of The G Spot...

Kathy pivots off my rebuttal to Hitch, and makes a pretty good point:

The Hitchens piece, contemptible piece o' shite though it is, a surefire sign that, now that it's clear Hillary's presidential campaign is all but over, the right is proceeding apace with its attempt to Hillary-ize Michelle Obama. We have, of course, all heard about how "unpatriotic" she is. Maureen Dowd has already cattily attacked her for not being sufficiently deferential to her husband. And now we're being treated to Hitchens' exegesis of how her college term papers prove she's really Stokely Carmichael in drag. Delightful! But hey . . . radical, unfeminine, unpatriotic -- remind you of any other right-wing caricatures of a certain prominent Democratic woman with a famous husband?   

Kathy puts Hitch's take in with the sort of attacks that people once hurled at Hillary. I agree. But I think I was more taken aback by the naked laziness of the Hitchens piece, than I was by the conclusion. But I guess Kathy would say that's the point. It's not like the attacks against Hillary back in the 90s were the result of deep contemplation.