More On Me And My Pops

Sorta. Actually this is just more shameless shilling for a new memoir I've written. The book is about my father and his relationship to two of his five sons--myself and my older brother "Big Bill." Anyway, there's been a lot of things going on in regards to press. Just wanted to pass folks off some links.

Here I am talking to the Wall Street Journal, mostly about process and why my background as journalist made me suspicious of the whole memoir genre.

Here is a piece in Newsweek that talks about the book and contextualizes it with some other discussions around black men and fathers.

Here is me on the radio talking to one of my father's old buddies, Mark Steiner. The convo was going great until he ambushed me with a critique of the last part of my Nation piece on Obama and Steele. Of course he was right. And my Dad subsequently rapped me for the same thing.

Also we have this piece from Publisher's Weekly about me and my Dad and the confluence of two events--his publication of Walter Mosley's Tempest Tales and Spiegel & Grau's publication of The Beautiful Struggle.

And of course, here is a video put together by some folks at the Atlantic, one of the classiest outfits I've ever had the privilege of writing for. A shout out to Jennie Rothenberg Gritz, with whom I may well be collaborating for my next book! Anyway, enjoy guys.