Jim Webb: Endorsed By Ta-Nehisi (Like It Matters)

I came away from this interview with Jim Webb incredibly impressed. He seemed sort of gruff toward Terry Gross, which brings me to a quick aside. Terry Gross is the best interviewer I've ever heard in my life. She has an ability to talk to people in a polite respectful way, challenge them when they need to be challenged, but at the same time, not come off as petty or lost in the throes of celebrity worship. I think it has something to do with her voice--it could lead you to underestimate her, and yet her questions are always so probing.

Anyway, I love Clair McCaskill. I think Katherine Sebelius or John Edwards would be great. But I really really really really liked Jim Webb's take on the Dems. His point about being anti-war, but not anti-military was a very nuanced. I love that he considers himself a writer first and a politician second, and I especially love his willingness to talk about prison reform. I haven't heard Obama speak much on this, and it'd be great to have someone on the ticket who was willing to deal with what is, for my money, the most important civil rights issue of our time. Anyway, check it out. lemme know what you think.