I'm Saying Whatever It Takes...

...and whatever it takes is what I'm saying:

This morning, George Stephanopoulos began his televised interview with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton by asking if she could name a single economist who supported her plan for a gas-tax suspension.

Mrs. Clinton did not. “I’m not going to put in my lot with economists,” she said on the ABC program “This Week.” A few moments later, she added, “Elite opinion is always on the side of doing things that really disadvantages the vast majority of Americans.”

This sort of anti-intellectual spiel is just laughable at this point. And it's probably sad that it's laughable. I tend to think that the ignorance of Americans is overrated. I'm not saying most of us are up on Tolstoy. But I am going to be optimistic and say that there is enough info readily available to expose Clinton's gambit for what it is. As for spiffy rejoinders, I'm going to go with Matt on this one, "I had no idea that the economic interests of oil companies were identical with those of the vast majority of Americans."