Breaking News: Obama And Clinton Supporters Don't Like The Opposing Candidate

I know I just criticized the survey article, but i should have mentioned that are much more loathsome alternatives. Like this piece in which the reporter uncritically excepts a bunch of stats and then finds some folks to agree with a conclusion, that probably was drawn before the story was even pitched. I don't like what media has become. But unlike people who think blogs are ruining the world, I'm not sure I ever liked what media was. On any given day I'd rather be reading Andrew Sullivan than Maureen Dowd. I'll take my man dNa over at Too Sense (or anyone over at Too Sense) over Bob Novak any day of the week. Now, I'll take a great book, or a great New Yorker profile over my own blog, also. But this idea that blogs are killing journalism is just stupid. Bob Novak is ruining journalism. That show where daily sportswriters argue and are given points (can't even remember the name) is ruining journalism. That kid Ta-Nehisi Coates is ruining journalism. Spit. Hot. Fire.