Tim Noah On The White Working Class

Very good piece in Slate challenging the simplistic "voting against their interest" argument that Obama and plenty of liberals make. Tim Noah rightly points out that research increasingly shows that the "white working class" (because blacks never work, just like all women are white) is actually disappearing. Furthermore the idea that these guys delivered the election to Bush is something of an overstatement. And by the way, can we call our ownselves to account on that one? Remember that 15 percent of the black vote Bush got in Ohio, much of seemingly pushed by the gay marriage ban on the ballot?

Ahem...Anyway my own thoughts are that it is INDEED condescending to say that white working class people can't or shouldn't vote against their economic interest, when rich people do it all the time. You may say, yeah well rich people can afford to do that. But that misses the point. Why is that poor or working people aren't allowed to think that there are things more important in the world than money? Maybe they actually believe that government SHOULD be keeping the gays in their place, and that the feds are just two steps away from disarming law-abiding assault rifle-toting citizens. How do we know that these cats really are deluded?