Does Ta-Nehisi Hate White People?

Evidently, just a little bit. According to this prejudice test, I "moderately" prefer people of a darker hue compared to people of a lighter hue. It's funny because I'm a light-skinned brother. Still, being black, you forget all of that and lump yourself with everyone else, I think. My feeling is that color prejudice in country as segregated as ours has to be somewhat of a foregone conclusion. I didn't have any significant relationships with a white person until I was, like, nineteen. I've never dated anybody who wasn't black, or so much as even cracked on a girl who wasn't black at a club.

I'm certainly not saying that to brag. As far friendship goes, that simply wasn't possible as there were practically no white folks in my corner of West Baltimore. As far as anything more than friendship, it never even seemed like an option to me. I was black. I was gonna be black all my life. I was gonna live around black folks all my life. So what was the point? I guess that's all fine a good, but I think there's one problem. I've come to believe that segregation breeds prejudice. When you're not around people who don't look, talk and act like you, it's becomes incredibly easy to dehumanize them.

But that's me talking years later, as a New Yorker, with friends of all shades. I have no idea how I would have been, had I been this way from jump. I guess I'm going to find out while watching my son grow older. Anyway take the test. Let's hear how you do, and whether you think it reflects who you are. I have to be honest and say it probably does reflect me. You can't come up this way, and then suddenly wake up color-blind.