The Beautiful Struggle--First Review

Allow me to sweat myself for a minute. Kirkus reviewed TBS last week. While it's inaccessible to non-subscribers, the review is on the B&N website here.

"The world was filled with great causes-Mandela, Nicaragua, and the battle against Reagan," Coates writes. "But we died for sneakers stitched by serfs, coats that gave props to teams we didn't own, hats embroidered with the names of Confederate states." It's one of the saddest descriptions of the crack epidemic ever put to page. Given the tragic number of African-Americans who didn't survive that epidemic, it's a pleasure to read the author's awed appraisal of a fatherwho never stopped striving for the best in his family and community, no matter how hopeless the view outside his window. A rare, lyrical family memoir that rises above banal domesticity.

Heh yeah. We were a lot of things. Banal domestics ain't one of em...