Sorry To Keep Harping On Sullivan Folks...

...but here is a dire prediction:

What I think this misses are the cultural and social consequences of beating Obama (or McCain) this way. I don't mean beating Obama because the Clintons' message is more persuasive, or because the Clintons' healthcare plan is better, or because she has a better approach to Iraq. I mean: beating him by a barrage of petty attacks, by impugning his clear ability to be commander-in-chief, by toying with questions about his Muslim past, by subtle invocation of the race card, by intermittent reliance on gender identity politics, by taking faux offense to keep the news cycle busy ("shame on you, Barack Obama!") and so on. If the Clintons beat Obama this way, I have a simple prediction. It will mean a mass flight from the process. It will alter the political consciousness of an entire generation of young voters - against any positive interaction with the political process for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure that Washington yet understands the risk the Clintons are taking with their own party and the future of American politics.

Generally, I agree with that statement, but there is one problem with it. Hillary can only win this way --barring an unlikely move by the super-delegates--with the consent of the voters. I really have been thinking a lot about this lately, and I think we need to remember that old quote about the people getting the government they deserve. If we, as Democrats, are prepared to send Clinton back to the White House again, then I'll have to do some heavy thinking about politics. I'll know for sure, then, that I'm not a Democrat--the Democratic presidential nominee who I've seen who and liked the most in my life-time was John Kerry. Yeah, I know, not saying much. Bill was amoral, and there was something really cowardly about Gore's 2000 campaign--his hedge on Elian still irks me. But I'll also have to do some thinking about my own place in this country, which I no doubt, love. I will just need to assess what that means.