Sarah Jessica Parker vs. Maxim

So not sure if you guys have heard, but Maxim named Sarah Jessica Parker the "Unsexiest Woman Alive." I don't have a complicated case against this one. It's just another example of how superficially mean magazines are these days. They would counter by saying that their just trying to sell copies--basically the crack-dealer argument. This is the sort of thing that really brings home that whole "sexism is alive and well" thing. Not that I really doubted, but it's so blatantly the sort of thing that no women's magazine would do. I mean even if you don't get down with her like that, do you really have to put the weight of your magazine behind a bashing of this sort?

Man I'd love for some of their editors to have stand up and be judged. Maxim is one of the few "men's magazines" that I ever read and afterward, actually felt my self-esteem seeping out of every orifice. It's product by, for and about pathetic men. But don't just take my word for it.