Newsflash--Black Woman Supports Hillary

From theroot:

I am a Hillary Clinton supporter.

There, I said it.          

And I'm tired of the dirty looks I get when I out myself. Why is it so surprising that someone like me – a black, educated, progressive chick – would put my support behind Hillary Clinton?

Oh, I know. I'm black, so, of course, I should support Barack Obama for the number one position in the country.

Wait but wasn't it only a year ago that people were running around claiming that Obama had little support in the black community? It's amazing how quickly the narrative switches.  Anyway, obviously I'm fine with black folks voting for Hillary, but please do not invoke the following reasoning;

It's never okay to be racist in our world, but, unfortunately, it's still 'normal' to be sexist.

This is good to know. From now on I'll tell my son that he has been born into a magnificent age in which racism is dead. The foolish Gloria Steinem argument is one of those backwards statements that people just repeat without even attempting to prove. They just say it. And of course, if you see the "Gloria Steinem" card, you know the "Questioning My Blackness" card isn't far behind:

Now, in case you're questioning, I do have race pride. No question about it. I am absolutely connected to the beautiful, soulful energy of African-American culture. But I hate that I just had to say that. I hate that all black Clinton supporters are somehow expected to qualify their blackness, as if we are naïve at best and traitors to the race at worst. Hillary's national co-chair, Sheila Jackson Lee, had to do it, too. She said on the Tavis Smiley Show, "I did not leave my blackness at the door. I am still a sister. I shout in the church. I love the Lord. And I love my people."

Who cares.  No one's talking about your people, stop changing the subject. I'd give her the Strawmanship Of The Year award, if I hadn't already given it to Ferraro. I accuse you of supporting an oppurtunistic, morally bankrupt candidate and the respons is, "How dare you question my blackness?!?!" I mean, really. Get a grip. Drop the whining and woe-is-me-ism. Make the case for your candidate and then keep it moving.