Fake Equivication--Hagee vs. Farrakhan

Josh Marshall breaks down Wolf Blitzer for trying to equate John Hagee's relationship with McCain and Obama's relationship with Farrakhan:

Let's be clear what happened here.  John McCain solicited the support and endorsement of Hagee and then he held a joint appearance with Hagee in which he formally endorsed him. In these terms, Obama has no connection whatsoever to Farrakhan. He's just someone who said positive things about Obama. So the premise for even asking Obama is dubious in itself, whereas McCain has openly embraced Hagee.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson, speaking on McCain's behalf, then basically refuses to denounce the dude. This is a guy who called Catholicism "the great whore." I'm not a Farrakhan fan. I was at the Million Man March in 2005. I want to know where all that money went that was collected. That said, there is something to this idea that media, and most of us, tend to tolerate white bigots, while leading lynch mobs to the homes of black bigots. Anyway, see for yourself.