Especially the blacks and the Jews (part. 3458575)

Nice take down in The Nation by Jon Weiner of the Times' foolish "Obama and the Jews" story.
Here's an interesting note:

Of course there are lots of other reasons why Jews support Obama. Jews have been the religious group most opposed to the war in Iraq. Jews are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. The American Jewish Committee poll last November asked American Jews to pick their most important campaign issue. 23% named the economy and jobs, followed by health care (19%), the war in Iraq (16%), and then terrorism and national security (14%).

At the bottom of the list: support for Israel, at 6 percent.

That wasn't in the New York Times, either.

I find that fascinating because it mirrors a lot of what I see in black folks. People somehow think that reparations or Affirmative Action are voting issues for black folks, when in fact it's same stuff that other Americans worry over--the economy, the War, and health-care.