Times Election Wrap-up

Here's Adam Nagourney on Super Tuesday. Decent roubdup. But it amazes me how reporters buy bullshit if you just say it enough times:

And the final big question for Democrats: Will Mrs. Clinton maintain the edge among Latino voters that she showed in Florida and Nevada? New York and California should offer an interesting test, as well as of whether blacks and Latinos, uneasy political allies in many circumstances, break for different candidates.

First, no one competed in Florida. Clinton's name was the only one on the ballot--how did she "maintain the edge" in a state where whe was the only one running? Second, the blacks and Latinos as "uneasy political allies" is just bullshit. Where is this uneasiness? For that matter, where are the alliances?  Say it with me children: Motherfuckers vote their interest. Motherfuckers vote thier interests. ALL POLITICAL ALLIANCES ARE UNEASY. It's politics fools.