Race vs. Gender among the Dems

I was watching MSNBC this morning and I heard a notion that's starting to be propogated as Hillary Clinton proceeds to slip into oblivion. The idea is that the media is harder on women than it is on black people. I've noticed that this statement is most often made by people who have no experience being black. But let's leave that and examine the argument. In this race, the Clinton campaign has repeatedly race-baited--the most obvious case being Clinton's comparison of Obama to Jesse Jackson after winning South Carolina. And yet no one has accused the Obama campaign of gender-baiting. This isn't about differing morals--women make up a larger share of the electorate than black people. Thus it would be suicidal for Obama to gender-bait.

The Clinton campaign made the calculated risk that they could win by race-baiting and then bring black folks back home--and, man I am happy to say, we have repeatedly made them pay for that. Either way, after running a campaign based on subliminal appeals to racism, how you turn around and cry sexism, and then furthermore, claim that Obama blackness has somehow protected him requires considerable gall. It's also disgusting, and the definition of why I would never vote for a Clinton.

Furthermore, to hear Clintonites holler sexism, strikes me the same way as hearing Al Sharpton crying racism. I am sorry but the Clintons lie--repeatedly. They would trade on anything to win, and have proven themselves bad judges of their enemies. Obama on the other-hand could never cry racism, and has avoiding doing so. Obama isn't even allowed to express pride in the possibility of being America's first black president. Imagine how heads would explode if Obama had made that "boy's club" remark Hillary Clinton made after the debate in November, instead directing it at black people, at, say, Howard or Morehouse. He'd have been run out of the contest on a rail. These fools need to a grip.