Okay I admit it: Michael Scheuer Scares Me

I've gotta say this dude gives me the creeps. Give him a listen. He's a weird dude. Scheuer is basically opposed to any and all intervention--before you clap, that includes Darfur. The thing I love about him though is that he always goes to the heart of the matter. From his perspective, it's really simple--either you go out and obliterate your enemy with ruthless effeciency, or you stay home. One or the other, no in- between. In this interview, he argues that we needed half a million or three quarters of a million troops in Afghanistan, if we want to win. The thing I like about him is he seems like an honest right-winger--he doesn't believe in war on the cheap. He argues that the curb in civil liberties at home, rest on our inability to win abroad.

The thing that scares me about Scheuer is he seems really anti-democratic, the sort of dude who in another country would make a great dictator. Still, to my mind, his is the most effective to challenge to the far-left--and maybe far-right--vision of foreign policy. I say that as an avowed lefty. Anyway, listen for yourself. And then read up some here. And hell, while your at it, cop Lawrence Wright's incredible Pulitizer-winning book, The Looming Tower.