Ohio and Texas breakdown

Nice write-up from AP. I think one of the most amazing things about Obama is his ability to draw from demographic groups that either seem to be, or actually are, in opposition. Consider this:

In the 22 contested Democratic primaries so far, independents made up 22 percent of the vote and they supported Obama by an overwhelming margin of 64 percent to 33 percent. Crossover Republicans, a far smaller percentage in the Democratic primaries, backed him 55-33.

Yet Obama has had the left flank covered, too: a 52-44 advantage over the New York senator among those who consider themselves very liberal.

That is what you call cornering the market. Essentially Obama is competitive or dominant in every single political demographic that's voting in the Democratic primaries. Obama's best quality is that he plays on his opponents side of the field. He is the fulfillment of Howard Dean, in that Dean had the left locked--though he really wasn't a leftie--and really wanted to grab the indies and some Republicans. This is what he meant by his over-critiqued confederate flags and pickup trucks line. This makes you reconsider the whole Blacks v Hispanics idea that some Dems and pundits have pushed. I doubt that Hispanics don't like Obama because he's black. More likely, Hispanics follow the pattern of other voters, in that, the more they see, the more they like. They are supporting Hillary, at the moment, because they know her best. Quiet as its kept, we saw the exact phenomenon with black folks only a year ago.