Obama vs. Farrakhan

If you want to know why I support Obama, check out his answer to the ever present Farrakhan test for black folks. It was no shock that Obama denounced Farrakhan, and while white people seem convinced that it takes great courage to do this, most black folks know that Louis Farrakhan hasn't been relevant for over ten years. Furthermore, us brothers are still wondering what the hell he did with all that money he collected at the Million Man March. Anyway, the beautiful thing about Barack's answer was how he counterpunched Hillary when she tried to press the issue against him, and get into a Will-You-Condemn-A-Thon with him.

His answer is standard black boilerplate when it comes to the Farrakhan test, but he really smacked it out the park with his "reject/denounce" answer. It put a spotlight on Hillary cheap hamfisted attempt to score points. If you detect any reluctance from Obama to go after Farrakhan, it has to do with black politicos understandable fatigue with having to answer for this bozo. It's pretty disgusting. On a side note, I am so tired of people having to talk about rebuilding a "black/Jewish coalition." Much like the alleged "black/Latino coalition" this crap is a myth. That's no disrecpect to my Jewish or Latino brothers, but the fact is that while there have been coalitions among the leadership, most black folks just aren't thinking about these issues. The leadership is not equal to the people