More on Tavis v. Obama

Nice piece here. Also some audio from Barack here. Barack sounds a little pissed in the audio. In defense of Tavis--whose been catching it from all quarters of black folks--I do think that we are going to STILL need black folks to hold Barack accountable, should he win. The job of black irritant is an important one, because power--even black power--concedes nothing without struggle.

That said, we're still in the campaign phase. One point he makes is "If the issue is I should only be talking to black people, then I'm not going to win the presidency." I think what gets some folks about Obama is that things like, say, criminal justice reform don't make his stump speech, even though it's an issue that's incredibly important to black folks. The thinking is that Obama isn't talking about it because he doesn't care about it. But the fact is he does talk about criminal justice refom--he also endorses representation for Washington D.C.--it's just never in his stump. I am sorry, call me Tomming, but I have to agree with that strategy. The fact is, many of the issues important to black folks just aren't vote-getters. At some point we've gotta ask--Do we want the brother to win? Or do we want him to represent STRICTLY us and ALWAYS us?