More on Obama v. Farrakhan

From Josh Marshall:

As a Jew and perhaps more importantly simply as a sentient being I found it disgusting. It was a nationwide, televised, MSM version of one of those noxious Obama smear emails.

Kevin Drum weighs in:

Just kidding. Seriously, though, can someone please put a sock in Tim Russert? I didn't even see the entire exchange, but his badgering of Obama on the Louis Farrakhan issue was pretty wretched. It was maybe legitimate to bring it up in the first place, but to keep at it well after Obama had made his position crystal clear was beyond the pale.

Andrew Sullivan dissents:

Does Obama understand that saying he has consistently denounced him is not the same as simply saying, "I denounce him"? A weak response - reminiscent of Dukakis. (By the way, why is it somehow only a question for Jewish Americans that Farrakhan is a fascist hate-monger? It's a question for all Americans.) Obama's Farrakhan response suggests to me he is reluctant to attack a black demagogue. Maybe he wants to avoid a racial melee. But he has one. He needs to get real on this. Weak, weak, weak.

And then hears about it from his readers:

Obama both rejected and denounced Farrakhan.  If you'd like, I guess they could have offered Farrkhan's head on a platter to him during the debate for a ritualistic slaying.  But other Jewish friends I know have been calling telling me they absolutely loved his response--and these are those who doubted him on the subject.