Please, put this myth to bed. The Essence:

Barack Obama recorded potentially significant gains among white voters in the Super Tuesday polls, despite being defeated in key primaries by Hillary Clinton, national exit polls showed today.

Obama and Clinton shared the support of white men approximately 50-50, marking a big improvement for the Illinois senator with a group whose support had mostly eluded him this year.

About four in 10 whites were supporting Obama overall although six in 10 white women - who comprised more than one-third of Democratic voters in yesterday's contests - were backing Clinton.

The gains came despite criticism from some quarters that Clinton's husband, ex-president Bill, had played the race card during the campaigning - claims vigorously denied by the Clinton camp.

It was always the product of people looking to do McAnalysis or just plain cynicism. The fact is that Obama and Clinton are basically tied--not counting super-delegates. But Obama won in all kinds of ways--in states with lots of black voters, in states with damn near no black voters. I mean come on, the dude won in Minnesota and Kansas.

It's true that blacks broke to Obama at about a 4-1 ratio, but the cynical, simpleminded theory that this would cause white folks to win in droves is just wrong. Obama not only increased his share among ALL ethnic groups, but he beat Clinton among voters who were always most receptive to racist appeals--white men. Note to all would-be public intellectuals/pundits/blabbering heads. It's a new day fuckers, let's hear some new thinking. In the immortal words of Hov--Get your weight up. Not your hate up.

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