Anti-Hillary Press Bias

I watch a lot of MSNBC, and I've gotta say that Chris Matthews hates Hillary's guts. I'm not sure that's even debatable. I don't know about wider press bias in this campaign, but I can certainly see the case for it. Here is an interesting piece analyzing said bias. The thing that scares me the most about Obama is his church, which people charge is racist. Frankly, I don't buy it.

The church, on its site, claims to be "unashamedly black," and people have charged that no church in America could call itself "unashamedly white." But this only shows America's elementary understanding of black folks. Let's put the ignorance of history and culture aside. Blackness isn't just race, its ethnicity, on par with Irishness, Jewishness or Italiness. A better angle would be to ask could a church call itself "unapologetically Irish" and yeah it certainly could. It might sound bizarre, but it wouldn't be particularly racist. Anyway, I'm not confident that in a general election, people will be able to see the difference. I think at some point, Barack--who has been going to this church for decades now--is going to have to come out a defend that joint. As a matter of morals and politics, he can't run away from this one.