Andrew Sullivan Clusterbombs Hillary

Oh come now Andrew, tell us how you really feel:

How did they come this close to losing this? They had all the money, all the contacts, all the machine levers, the entire establishment, the biggest Democratic name in decades, and they've been forced into a humiliating death-match by a first-term black liberal with a funny name. It seems obvious to me that the Clintons blew this because they never for a second imagined they could. So they never planned to fight it. Once put in a fair contest, they turned out to be terrible campaigners, terrible politicians, bad managers, useless executives, wooden public speakers. If you're a Democrat, that's good to know, isn't it? All that bullshit about Day One and experience? In retrospect: laughable.

It's a great post. And basically true. I'd like to add one thing--this is a monumental failure of the press. It was media that bought into Hillary as the Inevitable One. Much of what went wrong in her campaign--her reliance on big doners especially--was observable. They got none of it.