A Nice Analysis of Clinton's Campaign

I make no bones about my opinion, I think the decision to run some sort of neo-Southern strategy was foolish in a Democratic primary. I was kind of skeptical that that's what had happened until Clinton--amazingly--compared Obama to Jesse. The longer this thing goes on though, Bill is finding we all don't look alike. Anyway, here is a nice piece breaking down Clinton's campaign via HuffPo
The Essence:

A Clinton superdelegate who served in Bill Clinton's administration said the former president "has screwed this thing up for her big-time. They need to send him out of the country for a long, long time. I am angry at Bill Clinton and I think there are other Hillary people who are angry at Bill, who felt that she was running a very good, solid campaign - she wasn't the exciting one, but she was the solid one - and then he came in and made it nasty, and single-handedly pushed away black voters."