Facts & Fiction

The Atlantic's December short story, the challenge is to slip fiction into history, and vice versa

December 16, 1998

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Peter Ho Davies

For the past two years, Peter Ho Davies, the author of this month's short story, ("Today is Sunday"), has lived with his wife in Eugene, Oregon. This is the first time in twelve years, in fact, that Davies has lived in any one place for more than eighteen months. Prior to settling in Oregon, Davies, thirty-two, had lived in England, Malaysia, and the United States. "My center of gravity," he says, "was lurking somewhere over the Atlantic."

For the past decade, Davies has accumulated degrees -- a B.S. in physics, a B.A. in English, an M.A. in creative writing -- and worked in publishing. In 1995, two years after graduating from Boston University's creative-writing program, Davies's first U.S. publication was selected for the Best American Short Stories collection -- as was another story the following year. He has since published a book of short stories, won an O'Henry Award and an NEA Fellowship (among other prizes), and is now a creative-writing professor at the University of Oregon.

Davies spoke recently with Atlantic Unbound's Katie Bolick.