A debate on The Atlantic’s September 2010 cover story
Gary Milhollin

The Futility of an Israeli Air Strike Against Iran's Nuclear Sites

We may be at a point of no return between Jerusalem and Tehran, and the consequences may be grave, but the fundamental question is, can bombing work?

J.J. Gould

Tuesday Round-Up: Will Domestic U.S. Politics Change the Game?

Who's saying what in the debate on the The Atlantic's September cover story

Marc Ambinder

What the White House Really Thinks About Bombing Iran

The administration believes that its strategy can stop the Islamic Republic from going nuclear -- or contain the regime, if it does

Karim Sadjadpour

Attacking Iran: The Last Thing the U.S. Administration Wants to Do

A response to Elliott Abrams

James Fallows

On the "Bomb Iran" Debate

A reader writes in support of our cover-story analysis; I dissent from one of our commenters.

Jeffrey Goldberg

On the Nature of Israeli Spin

A response to Yossi Alpher's contention that this month's Atlantic cover story fell prey to an Israeli public relations campaign

Elliott Abrams

Obama Bombing Iran? Don't Be Surprised

A former Bush adviser on why the president's commitments, and questionable reelection chances, make it likely that he would order an attack before November 2012

J.J. Gould

Monday Round-Up: How Fast Is This Clock Ticking?

Who's saying what in the debate on the The Atlantic's September cover story

Jeffrey Goldberg

Robin Wright: Not So Fast, Goldberg

Goldblog accepts Robin Wright's bet

Patrick Clawson

How Much Brinksmanship Will Israel Tolerate?

A response to Robin Wright

Jeffrey Goldberg

Hitchens: U.S. Obligated to Defeat the Iranian Regime

Goldblog's continuing conversation with Christopher Hitchens

Jeffrey Goldberg

Indyk: U.S. More Likely Than Israel to Bomb Iran

Martin Indyk, the former U.S. ambassador to Israel (and now the vice president of the Brookings Institution), dropped this line to Goldblog about The…

Robin Wright

A Long Way From the Point of No Return With Iran

Jerusalem's war clock is ticking fast, but Israel won't attack in the next year. Tehran knows how to buy time.


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