An update. The murderer was a Mormon ... and a schizophrenic:

Thomas, 28, had become a priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and he used that authority to baptize Seidman, 70, a mentally handicapped hospital worker whom Thomas had met at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Delaware County.

But as "Brother Thomas" became more deeply involved in the church, schizophrenia began to take hold. "He was really over the top. He was always trying to proselytize me, but it didn't make sense to me," Seidman's brother, Lenny, said of Thomas. "There seemed to be something crazy about it."

There's speculation that money was behind the murder. But if Thomas only wanted the money, surely he was aware that brazenly murdering his beneficiary on Biblical grounds would lead him directly to jail. It seems a toxic brew of mental illness and religious fanaticism caused this horrible crime.

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