As most of you know, we're migrating on Monday to the Daily Beast. I'm sure there may be some unavoidable hiccups, so please bear with us if we have a few technical glitches. Moving this blog from one server to another is not that easy, although to tell the truth I have absolutely no idea what that actually means. A shout-out, then, to the techies at both the Atlantic and the Beast who are helping us, and to Patrick, Zoe and Chris who are in the weeds of the move. Sullivan-banner We should appear at the Beast at some point mid-morning Monday. The good news is: you do not have to change your bookmark, and you should be automatically redirected to the new page, where the familiar cartoon will confirm you've reached the right place. So now would be a good time to bookmark this page if you don't want to go searching for us on the Interwebs.

The final design is not far off this one, and I know everyone will have issues. That's natural. And we'll be tweaking it in the coming weeks, and welcome your suggestions. We've also dropped the "Daily" from the "Daily Dish." I didn't want it to jar with the Daily Beast, and it is also untrue. We are not daily - and haven't been for seven years. And we always refer to the blogazine as the Dish colloquially, so it seemed like a good moment to change it.

We're also sad to say that Conor will stay at the Atlantic from his perch in Southern California.

Conor has been a Dishtern and an editor here, and we will miss him badly. But he yearns for more than underblogging and will doubtless thrive in a new role at his old home. By the way, NPR's Marketplace will be running a story on the Dish Monday, and I'll be on Bill Maher's show next Friday (with Eliot Spitzer!).

I just want to say on this last full weekday at the Atlantic how grateful I am and we are for the support and opportunities that David Bradley and James Bennet gave us these last several years. I have a deep attachment to the magazine and its staff and am very proud to have played a part in its digital reinvention. Have no fear that I will continue to link to TNC, fight with Goldblog, quibble with Megan, and learn from Jim, Josh and Clive. As for Alexis, we hardly knew each other. But if you are not checking out his wonderful tech blog, you're missing something.

Oh, and wish us luck.