A reassuring exchange between two conservatives:

[JOE] SCARBOROUGH: I am just saying though, I mean, God, you’ve worked for two presidents. Would you not be in there if you were working for Sarah Palin right now, saying, go out and say it had nothing to do with this shooting, but you understand that it was irresponsible, and you’re going to be more careful moving forward. Wouldn’t you give her that advice if you were her aide?

PAT [BUCHANAN]: Well, I certainly would. I would give everybody the advice to tone down the rhetoric and get away from military and the armed metaphors and things that a lot of us have used in campaigns, especially at a time like this. You know, I sure would Joe.

This is a fascinating insight into Palin's mindset. The mature response would have been, I believe, a public statement that expressed, as she did, shock at the act of violence, and sincere regret that, while she intended no such thing, she can see why this kind of tactic is worth giving up. But that would mean taking some responsibility. She cannot. She simply does not have the maturity.

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