Will To Power

PM Carpenter thinks George Will's latest column on the absurdity of many GOP candidates is too little far too late. These candidates are merely pandering to what the Republican party has long since become in an era in which an allegedly mature leader, John McCain, selected Sarah Palin as vice-president and gained votes as a result. Money quote:

No single Republican pol is, or ever will be, capable of altering the GOP's devolutionary and even apocalyptic course. Such a desirable feat (hey, you libs, you need a conservative party to keep you honest) will instead require a tight collusion among GOP presidential candidates -- a willingness free, clear and bold to agree among themselves from the start that in this election (be it 2016's or in 2020) they will not only distance themselves but vigorously denounce any "careless" and "delusional" bubblings from the foul and corrupted bottom.

It's too late now, but such a mutual agreement can and should be made in 2013, following the electoral disaster they just experienced in 2012.

I have a simple litmus test: do they take on extremist talk radio? When they do, we will know the change has occurred.