Today on the Dish we rounded up reaction to Britain's historic election and likely hung parliament. Cameron courted Clegg, voters were clear on Cameron's mandate, Patrick Dunleavy looked ahead, Simon Tisdall scrutinized coalitions, and Hertzberg backed proportional representation. Drunk-voting update here.

Analysis of the new jobs report here, here, and here. Coverage of the Greek crisis here, Iraq updates here and here, and a dispatch from the Gitmo trial here.  Palin take-downs here, here, and here.

In assorted coverage, Steve Chapman made the case against surveillance cameras, Steinglass circled back to death panels, Nick Carr commented on the Internet's timesuck, Beth Fulton showed us the mania of television, and Orr reviewed Iron Man 2.  Von and more readers sounded off on the puppycide video, more still on the race/intelligence debate, and another contributed to the Cannabis Closet. A dog beatboxed for us, hipsters threw water-filled condoms at each other, and we watched a hathos-filled sword slaughter.

Andrew was on Colbert last night if you missed it. Readers berated his beard choice. But his beagle loves him regardless.


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Thursday on the Dish, Massie provided a reading guide to Election Day, Nate Silver sketched out scenarios, Cameron sounded confident, and Andrew made a final push for the Tories. We tracked the exit polling here, here, here, here, here, and here. First results here and the latest here.

The Lib-Dems looked in trouble, a Lib-Lab coalition seemed doubtful, Julian Glover figured Brown was toast, Cameron and Brown kept their seats, James Forsyth sized up the spin, Bagehot assessed the high turnout, and Nick Robinson griped about all the problems at the polls. Henry Farrell worried about a Tory collapse, Tunku Varadarajan blundered, a reader sent a view from Ireland, Paul Mitchell glanced at hung parliaments around Europe, and Andrew wondered about the uncertain outcome.

Drunk-voting coverage here, here, and here. More antics here.

Wednesday on the Dish we rounded up commentary on the eve of the election. The Tories continued to surge, Johann Hari harangued Cameron, the WSJ illustrated Labour's big-government record, Chris Bertram endorsed the party out of class sympathy,  Larison distinguished the British left from the American left, Bernstein kept up talk over electoral reform, and Chris Brooke prepped us for a hung parliament.

In terror talk, Goldblog sized up the perception of the Times Square bomber, Andrew marveled at the madness of McCain and Lieberman, David Brooks gave props to the president's poise, and Steve Coll talked sense. We also learned that a Muslim immigrant had alerted authorities about the bomb.

Palin antics here. More scrutiny of the Arizona law revisions here and here. Even the Phoenix Suns sounded off. DC passed a medical marijuana bill. A horrific video from the drug war here. A forerunner of reparative therapy unloaded some gay baggage. Anna Lappé countered Robert Paarlberg on organic farming in Africa, Tom Laskawy tore into superweeds, and readers contributed to the race debate.

A letter from Nashville here. Epistemic closure watch here. Hewitt award here and creepy ad here. Bear-blogging here and here. Conan expletives here, tea with Tyson here, and kick-ass couch forts here.


Rancho Santa Margarita, California, 9.11 am

Tuesday on the Dish we compiled the day's commentary on the looming British election. Labour made their final ad pitch, one of their MP candidates knocked Brown, Nate Silver looked at the Tories' nightmare scenario, Michael White taught us a thing about hung parliaments, reader input here, and Wife In The North grew tired of the race. Also, a poor bloke got locked up for merely speaking his mind.

Times Square terrorism updates here and here. McCain sunk even lower, Thiessen itched to torture the bomber suspect, and John Bolton got trigger happy with Iran again. The torture trial in Britain moved forward, the Iraqi government continued to teeter, and a gay soldier wrote to the president. Oil spill coverage here, here, and here. Andrew broached the morality of fossil fuels while Cheney popped over to see his pal, King Abdullah. We also highlighted the other big disaster happening down south.

In immigration coverage, Gerson chastised conservative pundits who rallied around the Arizona law, bloggers critiqued the new revisions, and Max Fisher compared the immigration concerns of Brits and Americans. Thoreau and Dish readers tackled the new Bell Curve controversy, Jon Rauch examined how "family values" play out in red vs. blue states, Robert Paarlberg dismissed organic farming as a solution in Africa, and Andrew thought Beyond the Valley of the Dolls was super gay. Malkin award here. Cool ad here and creepy one here.

Monday on the Dish we compiled extensive commentary from the fourth-to-last day of the British election. Latest electoral projections here. Cameron considered full equality for gays, the Corner chimed in on Cameron, and some British Muslims supported the Tories. Niall Ferguson assessed the UK's finances.

Times Square bomb commentary here, here, and here. We also rounded up perspectives on the politics of the oil spill. Andrew chewed over Mearsheimer's latest take on Israel/Palestine (and addressed Goldblog's take), checked in on the Vatican sex scandal, and compared the GOP's anti-gay posture to its attitude toward Latinos. Reader reaction to Mearsheimer here. More Palin lies here.

Bill Maher stood up for South Park and free speech, TNC challenged Frum over profiling, and a Harvard Law student resurrected the Bell Curve debates. Yglesias award here, Malkin here, and more ugly rhetoric here. Creepy ad here.

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