Today on the Dish, the oil spill seemed much worse than expected, readers addressed further dangers, and Andrew pointed out Palin's stubborn ignorance on the issue. He also vented over the White House's treatment of Kagan, readers dissented yet again, Greenwald called out Kagan's hypocrisy, and Jack Balkin found her easy to read.

British electoral coverage here, here, here, and here. Iran updates here and here. Another drug war casualty here. And marriage skyrocketed in DC. 

In various commentary, Kinsley took on the tea-partiers, Friedersdorf differed, Fallows followed up on his cover story, McArdle investigated QVC, Yglesias advocated for better buses, Graeme shared his experiences with burqas, Eric Baker studied our sex drives, and we took a close look at Gov. Christie's fiscal fortitude. Andrew reflected on his writing and blogger identity. Cannabis closet here and MHB here.


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Thursday on the Dish, Andrew kept the heat on Kagan, a reader turned up the temperature, she continued to be coy, Crist went to bat for her, David Sessions surveyed the Christianists, Serwer joined the race/ethnicity debate, and Kinsley sounded off. In election fallout, Andrew and a reader examined the proposals for electoral reform, the Tories touted their religious and gay diversity, the Brits showed up the US, and the BBC made a funny flub.

Oil spill updates here, here, and here. HCR update here. More on the drug war here, here, and here. The debate over Israel and smears carried on here and here. Get your Palin fix here and here.

In assorted coverage, Leonhardt defended himself on Greece, Sara Rubin looked at the lettuce threat in Arizona, Drum replied to Andrew about atheism and the afterlife, Friedersdorf lovingly hated on NYC, Lewis Black pwned Beck, several more readers added to the burqa discussion, and others rapped about Modern Family. Paternal superhero here. Super creepy ad here.


Wednesday on the Dish we rounded up reaction to the Cameron-Clegg alliance. Andrew sized up Cameron and his similarities to Obama, Clive Crook was skeptical of the alliance, Frum addressed its concern over the debt (US version here), LSE looked at voting reform, and Gideon Rachman remembered the new chancellor.

In other coverage, Palin came out with a new book, Laura Bush came out for marriage equality, and another cartoonist was attacked. Greece update here. Andrew updated us on the latest smearing of Goldstone, Fallows investigated the state of online journalism, Ramesh broached the topic of race in the court confirmation, The Economist stood up for burqas, Packer diagnosed Karzai, Lexington learned from the spill, and Balko followed up on the puppycide video.

Readers continued to dissent over Andrew's view of Kagan, one stood strong with him, others loved our recent tribute to mothers, and another confessed from the closet. Stephen Asma grappled with the soul and Drum discussed his lack of faith. A funny new site for parents here


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Tuesday on the Dish we saw Brown resign and Cameron take over as PM. Drama leading up to the dramatic switch here, here, here, here, here, and here. Andrew's thoughts on the developments here, Cameron's speech here, a warning from his right here, and how it could affect the American right here.

In Kagan coverage, Andrew scrutinized her careerism and elitism, readers continued to dissent over his outing inquiries, and others commented on her issues with recruitment on campus. Horton examined her views on the executive, Stuart Taylor did the same approvingly, Josh Green assessed the politics of the confirmation, Maggie Gallagher tried to decipher her stance on marriage equality, and a New Yorker commenter challenged Toobin on the closet. Andrew continued to mull over Kagan's identity here and especially here.

Finally, an answer appeared.

Monday on the Dish, Andrew reacted at length to the nomination of Elena Kagan. Hanna Rosin thought Andrew's kind of inquiry was out of line and readers agreed. Blogger reax here and here. Beinart targeted Kagan's views on military recruitment, Balko did the same on executive power, the NYT dug into her pseudo-personal past, AOL dug deeper, and Google users deeper still. More from John Palrey and Kagan herself. Ugly rhetoric from Ed Whelan, Bill Kristol, and an assortment of others on the far right.

In British election fallout, Gordon Brown announced his intention to resign. Subsequent commentary and analysis here, here, here, here, here, and here. Possible replacements for Brown here. Andrew offered his take here and especially here, fearing a death knell for the Tories.

In assorted coverage, the concrete dome failed to stop the oil leak. Iraq update here and EU economic crisis here. McCain made of chump of himself, Goldblog alleged some anti-Semitism, Israeli officials piled on Goldstone, McArdle fumed over the puppycide video, and Scott Morgan talked legalization. Yglesias award here, Mothers' Day tribute here, dog-blogging here, and cool ad here.

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