Today on the Dish, Rand Paul continued to pile on controversy. Readers pounced on his latest comments, his views on the CRA, and the selective nature of his libertarianism. Damon Root defended Paul, Friedersdorf did as well, and Weigel saw it all coming. The blogosphere reacted to the passage of financial reform in the Senate and the Malawi gay couple was given the maximum sentence possible.

In other news, Pakistan pouted about some people putting images of Mohammed online and Reason orchestrated a bunch of drawings.  Bruce Bartlett warned us about the debt and the GOP in Chris Christie continued to balk at raising taxes to help solve it.  Iraq update here. Andrew lauded the Cameron-Clegg coalition, its new foreign minister sanctioned an investigation into torture, and Greenwald praised the new government on civil liberties. The Onion reported on Palin.

The Beinart-led debate on Israel continued here, here, here, and here. More on the complexity of the closet here and here. Another drunk history lesson here, an incredible impression of Ian McKellen here, unearthed footage of Crystal Bowersox here, end of gay culture watch here, and cool ad here.


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Thursday on the Dish, Andrew gave a qualified defense of Rand Paul and his controversial comments on the Civil Rights Act. Weigel joined him, TNC wasn't as forgiving (and praised Maddow's approach), Ezra grilled the GOP nominee, a reader piled on, and Paul started to panic. Friedersdorf still thought he'd make a good addition to the Senate. Andrew Gelman downplayed Tuesday's elections.

In other coverage, the new British government showed signs of democratic reform, Nate Silver checked in on the California's governor race, Derek Thompson and Ross Douthat toyed with budget cuts, Norm Geras and Shikha Dalmia bashed Hitchens on the burqa ban, Douglas Adams and Maureen Tkacik talked authoritah on the internets, and Goldblog grilled Josh Green over his gay groupies. Andrew and Greenwald continued to bang their heads against the wall of secrecy of sexual orientation.

In other commentary, readers tore into another reader over the drug war, others teared up over the bus driver's birthday, another responded to the Cannabis Closet, and yet another gawked at Beinart's support for denying rights to Arab Israelis. Bible study here and here. We also read the spiritual reflections of a hospice nurse. David Simon joined readers in slamming NYC and Friedersdorf started in on DC.

Brain orgy here - something Nicolas Cage would have no appetite for.

Wednesday on the Dish, we rounded up reaction to Rand Paul's big win in Kentucky. Packer feared his influence, Larison added two cents, and he also warned the GOP against nationalizing House races. Bloggers reacted to the sudden sanctions plan against Iran, the gay couple in Malawi was convicted, and some unsettling details emerged over Rekers.  Palin's lying again.

Andrew addressed the politics of questioning Kagan's orientation and delved deep into the deception of living in the closet. More fallout from the Beinart piece on Zionism here, here, and here.  Walter Frost questioned military spending, Kinsley got cute over Kagan, Andrew saw some cultural progress in American Idol, Joe Carter went after atheism, a reader grieved for Adam Bellow, another dissented over our drug coverage, and we were introduced to a utterly unique face in politics. More on NYC's alleged tyranny here and here.

TNR dodged a fabulist, a bus driver got the best birthday ever, and a head of state got owned by a wreath. Cool ad here and trippy MHB here.


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Tuesday on the Dish, Patrick Winn reported on the violence in Bangkok and readers commented. Andrew sounded off on the new Iranian deal and looked inward over the Kagan controversy. More details on her emerged. Netanyahu did a good deed and the Church not so much. A big dose of Palin gossip here and a close scrutiny here.

In assorted commentary, Larison gave props to Rand Paul, Reihan was bullish on a conservative comeback, Douthat revised his case for decentralization, Ezra prodded him, Aravosis examined Obama's record on gay rights, Gary Wills conversed over his Catholicism, and Dave Barry talked about his craft.  More on the Zionist crisis here and here.

Readers continued the "Treme" thread and bloggers did so for NYC's alleged tyranny. More life-and-death musings here, here, here, and here. A dispatch from the Cannabis Closet here. Cool ads here, here, and here. Stoner-and-bear blogging here.

Monday on the Dish, Iran announced a deal over nuclear fuel and Portugal went for gay marriage. Peter Beinart provoked a new wave of commentary over the Zionist crisis, manifested here and here. More evidence to bolster his position here and here.

Andrew tackled Solmonese over the big Kagan question, Bernstein scolded his stance on ambition, and Donna Brazile backed her. Steve Coll showed the lack of sunlight between the Labour and Tory on foreign policy, Lisa Margonelli took in the implications of the oil spill, Balko vented over the drug war to Vice, and Steven Taylor illustrated the futility of the war. Get your Palin fix here.

Elsewhere, Andrew Rice looked at the growing addiction to SEO and pageviews, Suzanne Lenzer sold us on eating alone, and Scott Adams thought about thinking. More life and death talk here, here, here, and here. More NYC debate here and here. Porn follow-up here, insanely sexy CPR here, hathos alert here, and a baby sloth bonanza here.

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