The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Iceland unanimously adopted gay marriage, we found a raft of new footage showing dead and imperiled Iranians, and a new video of the flotilla emerged as well. Andrew confronted Chait's latest take on Israel, responded to a reader invoking the trauma of terrorism, and talked about the president's management style with the spill. More on BP's criminality here and here (and a heap of BS here). Talk of a Gulf recovery act here and an ethanol bailout here.

In other news, the recession forecast looked excellent, the cannabis forecast looked good, and a reader's recession was looking up. Quote for the day here and questions here. Malkin Award here. Readers went back and forth over the impact of wind turbines on birds (carbon is still the biggest culprit). Jesse Bering looked into the evolutionary ties of public speaking. Andrew sided with the England team and highlighted some English humor.

In random goodness, a YouTube starlet hit the big time, Alfred Hitchcock dropped a TWSS, and a badass dog made his escape. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.


Farmington, New Mexico, 4 pm

Thursday on the Dish, Andrew delivered his latest take on Israeli politics, kept the heat on Michael Oren, and bloviated over means testing Social Security. He also highlighted the harsh anti-gay policy of the Boston archdiocese, and readers chimed in here and here. In spill coverage, the Brits bit back over perceived xenophobia, more horrible details emerged about dead birds, and the company got lampooned by UCB. Further BP coverage here, here, and especially here.

An unusually long string of daily quotes here (Kristol), here (NoKo), here (Kagan), here (Israel), here (Prop 8), and here (oil spill). We also dug into the data on interracial marriage, saw more evidence of gay acceptance, and kept an eye on the far right in Holland. Palin hilarity here. Glenn Beck hathos here.

In assorted commentary, Larison countered Yglesias on Iran sanctions, Joel Wing spotlighted the extreme wealth in Iraq politics, and Joe Klein took down Dorothy Rabinowitz over Obama's patriotism. Readers dissented over the gay generational divide, shared their thoughts on the spill's spiritual crisis, offered expert opinion on California's new primary scheme, sounded off on the VFYW contest, and shared more info on the Carpenters.

Hewitt award here, a close candidate here, and Thiessen bile here.  Entertaining videos here, here, and here. Random hilarity here and here. Petite vanilla scone update here. Super creepy ad here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

Optus Secret Training Camp from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

Wednesday on the Dish, Andrew took a long look at the complex and troubled history of Israel. He also scratched his head at Michael Oren and Eli Lake. Gadi Taub pleaded with Israel to change course, Yglesias analyzed the latest sanctions against Iran, and John Collins Rudolf revealed the hidden damage of the oil spill. Prop 8 court updates here and here. Get your Palin fix here and here.

In electoral coverage, Josh Marshall checked in on the latest primary results, Ambinder addressed California's new jungle primaries, Taylor Steven made the case for an incumbent victory this fall, and Andrew hoped for a GOP comeback. Kaus campaign update here. In assorted commentary, Jeff Jacoby went to bat for petroleum, Edward Glaeser defended merit pay, David McRaney talked counter-culture and capitalism, Doug McCune visualized San Francisco's various crimes, Patrick examined the demographics of Internet users, and Alain de Botton warned of the perils of tracking the news.

Andrew meditated over death and conservatism while readers sounded off on fag hags. Lesbian PSA here, remixed movie posters here, and more music from the Carpenters here. Our chart of the day showed a shocking rate of incarceration. Recession view here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

We also announced the winner of our first VFYW contest and heard from a bunch of losers.


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Tuesday on the Dish we looked closely at the supposed al Qaeda-flotilla link, Israelis were found to have strongly supported the raid, Andrew challenged Walter Russell Mead's view of the US-Israel relationship, some Israeli students made a savvy gesture towards Turkey, and Madrid barred gay Israelis from a pride parade. Andrew also dug into a disturbing new report on Gitmo torture and wondered if there is a single anti-Zionist columnist. Dissents of the day here.

In spill coverage, Flowing Data illustrated BP's gross negligence, ProPublica exposed more criminality, and the Onion did its work. Beinart shone a light on American hubris, TNC piled on the White House press corps beach party, Greenwald mocked Limbaugh's fourth marriage, Jim Burroway scrutinized a study of lesbian parents, Jesse Bering studied fag hags, E.D. Kain scrunched his forehead over school choice, and Matt Welch knocked journalist "objectivity."  Foreign Policy commemorated the Green Movement and a rock group dedicated a song to Neda. Word Cup coverage here. Orly Taitz won't go away.

Readers defended atheism, others revolted over male reproductive rights, and another mused over her love for animals. Yeas and Nays scanned the District for gays and the Daily Caller spotted Obama speechwriters shirtless. Beard porn here and creepy ad here. MHB here, Sully MHBs here and here, VFYW here, and FOTD here.

The Dish launched its first installment of the VFYW contest (with only a minor hiccup).

Monday on the Dish, Andrew laid into BP, demanded the full footage of the flotilla, spotlighted an empty apology from Israel, and went to bat for whistleblowers and Wikileaks. Beinart detailed the Israel-evangelical nexus and readers sounded off on his plea for Gilad Shalit. We also touched upon the Helen Thomas row and caught Palin in another lie.

In assorted coverage, tea-partiers started to get serious on military spending, Andrew Exum slapped his forehead over Fiorina, Bernstein further pegged the GOP as the party of torture, and Andrew Revkin kept a close eye on BP. Ezra Klein laid out his budget strategy, Greenwald had a field day with White House reporters Super-soaking with top officials, Chris Beam lampooned political scientists, Kinsely weighed in on worst case scenarios, Douthat looked for a silver lining in the potential Newsmax-Newsweek deal, and Yglesias predicted an army of elder bloggers.

Andrew and a reader discussed Palin's broken Christianity, another reader endorsed a quieter faith, and Stephen Prothero supported a similar non-faith. Elle renewed the debate over male reproductive rights, Sady Doyle downplayed the perils of hooking up, Laura Vanderkam vouched for working in pajamas, Jonah Lehrer gazed into our memories, Nick Carr garnered a bunch of attention, and a reader shared her recession.

Catholic WTF here. A cool ad for gay marriage here. Hot beard action here. MHB here, VFYW here, and FOTD here. Details about a new Dish feature here.

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