The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Kerr kept at the ruling on Prop 8, with Andrew at his heels, and one reader dissented with Walker's use of history. Rowe glimpsed the SCOTUS future, Kilgore flagged an ad fueled by Prop 8, and Ruth met Jerry.

Andrew got mugged by the reality of war; and Kristol's chutzpah didn't help. Arab confidence in Obama was collapsing, which may not be a bad thing, while Daniel Levy looked closer at piecemeal peace in the Middle East. Blumenthal plumbed the polls on tax cuts, Drum and Drezner graded Obama on trade and Leonhardt and Megan assessed unemployment.

Scott Morgan pitted thugs against pot; the gas tax argument got some fuel, Pawlenty cribbed Palin, and Serwer picked apart the rhetorical device of "decent Muslims." Cowen put an ear on Wyclef Jean's plans to run as Haiti's president, Mark Thompson and Joyner defended the dogs, and the beard base began to grow. Noah's Ark got a second chance, famous men retired to their man caves, and Anderson interviewed a different looking Hitch. While Dreher regretted regrets, Andrew argued they're the flipside of freedom, and opted for both. Kanye got cartoonish, McSweeney's remade the proverbs, and Colbert attempted to kill gay marriage for falling in love.

Tough FOTD here, soothing VFYW here, and psychedelic screwnicorns for your Friday MHB here.

Palos_Verdes_ California

Palos Verdes, California, 9.30 am

Thursday on the Dish, we parsed Prop 8. Andrew chose conviction, Allahpundit prickled, Kerr downplayed, and Boaz blew Hinderaker out of the water. Obama disappointed; Drum doubted; and Drudge played dirty. There was wonder over Judge Walker, calculations for Justice Kennedy, and predictions for the Supreme Court in toto. Your thoughts, both personal and legal, here.

On the nation, Andrew attacked the tax cuts; in legislative accounting, Frum pushed Packer and Douthat joined in. Exum stood up for the Mosque on 1st amendment grounds, TNC and Kain volleyed on abortion and slavery, and the audacity of Breitbart's cadre continued.

Wikileaks won't go the way of Napster; Ignatius and Andrew weighed in on Iran sanctions. Goldberg and Walt assessed risk for Lebanon and Israel, while one congresswoman learned the AIPAC lesson the hard way, and Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation seemed farther away than ever.

Dogs needed defense, and humans did too. Clive Thompson forgot the phone; art went postal; Basil Marceau went viral. Prisoners aged and pseudo-Palin got zombified, while Gingrich edged closer. Bristol's feminism took a turn towards Todd, in the world according to Cottle.  VFY Budapest Window here, MHB here, and FOTD here. D.C.'s Real Housewives got the hate and Paul Rudd had the hair.


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Wednesday on the Dish, Prop 8 was struck down. Judge Walker's eloquent opinion here; Arendt's timeless truth here. Andrew glimpsed hope. Ambinder laid down the facts, and Schwarzenegger followed Cameron's lead. The full reax here, and readers responses here and here and here.

Conservatism floundered in the face of the Mosque; some even missed Bush. Bloomberg took the high road; the National Review took the low road, and Chait and Andrew Sprung showed Dan Senor where to shove it.

Fiscal fraudulence still plagued the GOP, and bicycles were their new worst enemy. Colbert busted Ingraham; Andrew blasted the doctors behind torture. Congress cowered and Angle elevated fears of Palin 2012.

Douthat and Andrew found their fiscal cup of tea, and with the help of Christopher Preble addressed the elephant in the room, defense spending. Time's Cover kept kicking up dust, the Wikileaks war remained on the radar, and another round of Manzi vs. Kleinman here. On race, McWhorter scoffed, TNC ignited and E.D. Kain simmered.

Hitchens healed with humor. Bristol and Levi split; Arianna put Palin on the couch and Slate uncovered her Facebook farce. Weigel blamed the media, Andrew feared for our future. Madame Governor campaigned;  Iceland creatively gamed. VFYW here; True Colors MHB here, FOTD here. America quickened its descent, and you know it's bad when Canada wins.

Tuesday on the Dish, Andrew and Joe Klein tallied up the costs of neoconservatism; a commenter at TPM nailed the Tea Party, and Andrew's hopes for one Republican congressman were bolstered by Ezra Klein. A terror rethink surfaced on the right, courtesy of Gene Healy and Jim Harper, and Frum called a Medicare spade a spade.

On the fiscal front Andrew differed with Douthat; and Anne Applebaum demanded honesty on the right. Andrew joined Joyner in being embarrassed by some conservatives, but not by being one. He remained incredulous at Sharron Angle's Palinization of the press.

Andrew shed light on the bigger picture for the Cordoba Mosque, with more Mosque parsing from Goldblog and Lieberman here. Insightful burqa reversal here. Misdirected honor killing here. And E.D. Kain reproached Anne Rice for quitting Christianity here.

Voter enthusiasm was a summer bummer. Prop 8 passed because of this ad, and this budding politician barebacked on Twitter. Mark Thompson paused to digest Thiessen on WikiLeaks -- whereas Scherer openly rebutted him. The Newsweek ship weathered more rough waters, but marijuana might be going mainstream.

Slate got stoned. Twitter got its 20th billion tweet. Sanchez criticized the administration's digital power grab, Andrew dissed wonkery, and science bloggers got wrapped up in a war of their own. A nugget of Indian philosophy and faith here. TNC's insights into marriage, be they interracial or gay, here. And more Living Will reader emails led Andrew to bemoan a no-win situation.

Ever-industrious Dish readers pinpointed the VFYW contest #9 here, and then connected the place to Kevin Bacon in 3 steps. Malkin Award here, MHB here and E.D. Kain's response to Dish readers on abortion here. Hollywood finally went viral; and the Dish fell for the historical beard infographic. Prescriptions for preschool continued and this guy drank beer and vomited his way through a half-marathon.


Monday on the Dish Andrew used David Stockman's op-ed to jab the GOP for fiscal irresponsibility and outed Mike Pense as a fiscal fraud. James Antle III took a hard look at the Republican party and declared it unready to take back the majority. In international coverage, Frum gave China its due, Argentinians got hitched, Drezner watched Israelis head to the beach, some Palestinian children tagged along, and David Cameron addressed the gay community. Obama is zero for four on foreign policy thus far

Time's cover continued to provoke strong feelings about the war in Afghanistan; a slew of readers begged the US to call it quits, but a Marine made the humanitarian case for staying. Mankiw compared the importance of teachers to that of parents, and Jonah Lehrer celebrated preschool. A reader criticized Andrew's coverage of the Mel Gibson affair. Others shared their experiences with living wills and dying relatives. Shiny rocks are not the biggest problem in Congo.

Andrew echoed a yawn over the NPR and Fox News White House seating fight while Douthat and Yglesias debated Breitbart's whiffing it. Giuliani parroted the Palin line on the NYC mosque, as did Seth Lipsky. Peter Beinart called out the ADL. Andy McCarthy painted American Muslims as the new Reds while Marc Theissen advocated crushing Wikileaks – the sovereignty of our allies be damned. Julian Sanchez wanted to bring sunlight to the dark side.

Abortion is not like slavery. The unemployed may be organizing. The Christian Science Monitor brought us the latest in monkey annoyance research . Antoine Dodson went from the local news to autotune superstar in a matter of hours. Pot sounds an awful lot like an Intel Processor.  Doonsbury toyed with Palin. Rainer Maria Rilke slowed down to meditate on the sweetness of life. And here is the ugliest coat hanger of all time.